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YouTube Marketing Course in Delhi

You Tube Marketing

This YouTube training course will show you a vast array of tips, tricks and expert methods for ensuring that your company is visible on YouTube, and beyond, with a host of shared details about the value of YouTube outside of the site itself.

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Course Description

It’s a step by step Training Course to figure out Video Marketing, making Videos, Editing Videos, make Awareness and Brand Building Videos, Publishing it on YouTube and at the same time combine Video Promotion Activities in your global Digital Marketing Campaign.

Understanding YouTube Marketing

Vadigitalstudies’s course on YouTube and Video Marketing course permits the professional to create the best usage of a video to promote a business and advertise the product.

Session 1.YouTube Marketing Beginners Level
  • Video Flow
  • Google Pages for YouTube Channel
  • Verify YouTube Channel
  • Webmaster Tool – Adding Asset
  • Associated Website Linking
  • YouTube Channel URL
  • YouTube Channel ART
  • YouTube Channel Links
  • YouTube Channel Keywords
  • Branding Watermark
  • Featured Contents on Channel
  • YouTube Channel Main Trailer
  • YouTube Uploading Videos
  • YouTube Upload Defaults
  • YouTube Creator Library
  • YouTube Practical Examples
Session 2.YouTube Marketing Intermediate Level
  • Channel Navigation
  • Video Thumbnail
  • CTA – Annotations
  • CTA – Extro
  • CTA – Cards
  • Custom Fields
  • Post Upload Enhancements
  • Live Broadcast
  • Playlists
  • Manage Comments and Messages
  • Monetization
  • Paid Channel
  • Channel Analytics
  • Analytics – Realtime
Session 3.Creating Videos for YouTube Marketing
  • Introduction
  • Resolution and Frame Rate
  • Frame Rate Comparison
  • Tripod Practical
  • Camera Practical
  • Tripod Height
  • Tripod Levelling
  • Lighting Basics
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Lighting to Highlight Object
  • Lighting to Highlight Area
  • Screen Recording Basics
  • Editing Process
  • Working with Footage
  • Callouts
  • Title and Introduction
  • Transitions – Animated
  • Transitions for Mistakes
  • Output Video
  • Practical Case Study