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Website Design Course in Delhi

Website Design


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Course Description

Website represent the face of the company business and after Planning, CREATIVITY is an essential step. Website of a business is a major platform for Digital for all practical purposes, as the traffic has to be diverted to the website or from the website to the actual destination. Either ways, the website acts as a launch pad for all practical purposes.

This course deals with creation & maintenance of websites. Our course focuses on the core areas of the website designing like HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Web-Hosting and more.

Session 1.Introduction to Website Designing
  • Introduction to Web Technologies
  • Types of Website
  • How Website Works?
  • Web Standards & W3C recommendations
Session 2.HTML 5
  • What is Markup language?
  • What is HTML5?
  • Comparison with previous versions
  • Introduction to doc types
  • Structure Tags
  • New Form Tags
  • New Media Tags
  • How to design layout in HTML5
Session 3.CSS 3
  • Introduction to CSS 3