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Search Engine Marketing Course in Delhi

Serach Engine Marketing

A solid understanding of search engine marketing is basic to a successful digital marketing campaign. In this course you will learn about how your website is found on Google, the search landscape and how to shot trends in search.

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Course Description

Search engine marketing is a part of internet marketing, and it has an essential place in positioning your website online and reaching online customers. The focus of this course will be paid reach utilized in search engine marketing, and how to organize campaigns utilizing advertising programs. However, free reach will also be indicated, as it does make up a part of search engine marketing in general. Search engine optimization is a comprehensive topic, which is why it will be covered in a separate course in more details.

Begging with explanation on what search engines are, and how they work, this course will slowly introduce you to the topic of search engine marketing, where search engines play an essential role. You will find out about two major program used for online advertising in search engines, Google AdWords and Bing, and how those can be used to increase your business.

Session 1.Search Engine Marketing Overview
  • Understanding Google search
  • Rule based personalization of marketing at internet scale
  • Overview of Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing
Session 2.Pay-per- click overview
  • PPC definition it's functioning
  • Important Terms - Quality Score, Conversion Rate etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing with One Network Direct
  • Quality Score Overview
Session 3.Strategizing PPC campaigns
  • Setting objectives, goals & expectations
  • Actionable metrics for performance measurements
  • Formulating account structure
  • Effective segmentation of keywords
  • Usage of multiple match types
  • Non-overlapping Ad Groups
Session 4.Ad writing Techniques
  • Compelling ads that increase click-through- rate's (CTR) lower costs
  • Understanding, Analyzing & Improving - Relevance & Quality score
  • Improve conversion rates, targeted ads & relevant landing pages
  • Ad preview tool
  • Best practices like using features such as reviews, +1 button etc.
Session 5.Market Analysis
  • Understanding industry key-drivers
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Organizational positioning
  • Targeting
Session 6.Campaign Management
  • Overview of the tools
  • Understanding advance functionality
Session 6.Campaign Management
  • Overview of the tools
  • Understanding advance functionality
Session 7.Bid Management Plan
  • Understand bidding strategy
  • Manual vs. Automated bid management
  • Different bid management features like CPA bidding, position preference etc.
Session 8.Effective Landing Pages
  • Importance of UI/UX design
  • Call-to- action
Session 9.Performance Tracking
  • Set campaign objectives & goals
  • Define Performance Metrics
  • Monitor PPC activity with Google Analytics
Session 10.Decipher User Psychology
  • Understand & connect with the user
  • Benefit from search behavior of prospective customer
Session 11.Reporting & Analysis
  • Integrate PPC account with Google Analytics
  • Understanding reports and define the future plan of action
Session 12.Testing
  • Multivariate Testing
  • A/B split Testing
Session 13.SEM Management (Other Opportunities)
  • Re-marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Display & Video Formats
  • Track & measure views through conversions