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Pay Per Click Course in Delhi

Pay Per Click

This course covers different types of PPC Campaigns including Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Advertisements. It imparts an in-depth understanding of the different AdWords features, services and strategies with a focus on implementation. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Ads round out the PPC curriculum allowing the learner to determine the appropriate channel for their advertising needs.

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Course Description

PPC is a kind of sponsored online advertising that is utilized on a broad range of websites, including search engines, where the advertiser only pays if a web clients clicks on their ad. Hence the title, ‘pay per click.’

When our customers ask us to define Pay Per Click, we tell them that PPC is a very cost-effective means to get their website noticed by their focus audience while our other Internet marketing approaches are gradually assisting their website achieve their natural ranking potential.

Understanding Pay Per Click –

Pay Per click (PPC) is one of the main approaches utilized in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is utilized by marketers who want to advertise their products/services online. Google Adwords & Bing Ads reaches more than 90% of the internet customers who search for information in Google and Bing.

Session 1.PPC Training Module
  • Meaning of Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
  • Why there is need to do PPC
  • How PPC grow your business
  • Google Ad sense and Ad words
  • Adbrite, Chitika, Amazon and other PPC programs
  • Yahoo, MSN and Google PPC comparison
  • Google Ad Words structure
  • Set-up a PPC Campaign
  • Google Ad word Account Structure
Session 2.Bids Management in PPC
  • What is bidding management?
  • What is Quality Score in PPC?
  • How Quality Score Effect your bids and rankings?
  • How to Increase Position on Search?
  • Bid for Ad position
  • Define Bid for Each Keywords and Bid Management
  • User Define bids and Google Automatic Bids
  • Importance of bidding techniques
  • competitor's Analysis for bidding
Session 3.Create PPC Campaign
  • Setting up a PPC Campaign
  • Google Ad word Account Structure
  • Setting up an Ad group within campaign
  • Using My Client Centre (MCC)
  • What is Impression?
  • How to make an effective ad?
  • What is "Cost/Conversion"?
  • How to increase CTR & Conversion
  • What is Tracking Code?
Session 4.Landing Page for PPC
  • What is Landing Page?
  • Ads Versus Landing Page
  • Important of Landing Page
  • Optimize Your landing pages
  • How to Increase conversion rates
  • What is "Click-through- Rates" (CTRs)
  • Use 'Calls to Action'
  • Cost/Conversion
Session 5.Keyword Research for PPC
  • What is Keyword Research and analysis?
  • Researching PPC Keywords
  • Importance of target keywords and audiences
  • Selecting Keywords according to Geographical location
  • Analysing  keywords of your competitors
  • Finding Keywords popularity & Global and local search Volume
  • Categorizing your ad campaigns to Ad groups
  • PPC Keywords tools and resources
Session 6.PPC Reporting
  • Campaign Performance Reports
  • Keywords Performance Reports
  • Ad group Performance Reports
  • Ads Performance Reports
Session 7.Create Ads for PPC Campaigns
  • Create Impressive and Effective Ads and Ad groups
  • Keywords Performance Reports
  • Measurement of Title, Description URL
  • Ad that produce better ROI
  • Various examples of Successfully Effective ads
  • Creation of Landing pages and Destination URL’s
Session 7.PPC Campaigns Tools
  • Google Ad word Tool
  • Keywords Spy