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Hub Spot Course in Delhi

Hub Spot

The Inbound Certification Course covers all the basics of the Inbound Marketing methodology. You will be able to learn about SEO, blogging, conversion analysis, lead nurturing, and reporting comes together in order to form a modern inbound marketing strategy.

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Course Description

Take the HubSpot Design Certification to learn how to design on the HubSpot COS (Content Optimization System). After concluding the certification, you'll be capable to create email, blog, website and landing page templates and much more. In addition to learning how to design on the HubSpot COS, you will learn how to approach designing for mobile devices as well as a strategic approach for making a good customer experience and website architecture. This certification is meant for web designers who have, at minimum, an intermediate familiarity with CSS and how it implies to HTML.

Session 1.Introduction to Building Templates with the Hubspot Design Tools
  • Introduction to Designing on the HubSpot COS
  • Exploring the Design Manager
  • Template Builder Tool Walkthrough
  • Module Types
  • Styling Templates with the Code Editor
  • Advanced Menus
  • Advanced Tactics
Session 2.Creating World-Class Email Templates
  • Why Use HubSpot to Build Email Templates?
  • How Do You Build Exceptional Email Templates?
  • Building an Email Template in HubSpot
Session 3.Creating Engaging Page Templates
  • Why Use HubSpot to Build Pages?
  • How Do You Build an Effective Page Template?
  • Building a Page Template Within HubSpot
Session 4.Engineering Effective Blog Templates
  • Why Use HubSpot to Build Blogs?
  • How Do You Build Exceptional Blog Templates?
  • Building a Blog Template Within HubSpot
Session 5.Designing a User-focused Experience
  • Why is user-focused design important?
  • How do you design for the user?
  • Implementing key design principles
Session 6.Drafting Smarter Mobile Designs
  • Why should you design the mobile experience?
  • How can you best support mobile users?
  • Creating the mobile optimized experience