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Digital Marketing Coures in Delhi

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Through this course, you will gain a high-level understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing, enabling you to take informed decisions and strategize your online marketing efforts. This course is suitable for all business roles from fresh recruits to function heads and business owners and is the stepping stone to begin your marketing learning journey.

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Course Description

Digital world is growing fast and advertisement penetration is increasing because of digital devices, every industry is looking for digital marketers to grow their business. Every business is going for online marketing to do Cost effective marketing, Brand Development, Measurable Marketing & better Customer Engagement.

This course explores topics: search engine optimization, social media marketing, analytics and more. Our panel of trainers and industry experts in the field of Digital Marketing has specifically structured the curriculum to focus on current trends and best practices in Digital Marketing. As well as creating innovative strategies, you will also learn how to implement these strategies to gain competitive advantage for both your business and career

By the end of this course, you would have rich understanding of the foundations of digital marketing landscape. You would acquire a new set of skills, concepts and tools that would give you a competitive edge among your peers to digitalized your product or services.

Session 1.Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Why Digital Marketing Wins Over Traditional Marketing?
  • Visibility vs. Engagement
  • In Bound Marketing vs, Outbound Marketing
  • Converting Traffic into Leads
  • Why Retention is Important and Types of Retention
  • Create a Buyer Persona & Unique Selling Proposition
  • Planning & Conceptualizing a Website: Booking a Domain name & web hosting, adding domain name to web Server, adding webpages & content Adding Plugins
  • Performance Evaluation & Tools Used
Session 2.Search Engine Optimization
  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • Why is SEO required?
  • How to perform Keyword Research & Analysis?
  • How to perform Competitor Analysis?
  • What is On Page Optimization? How it is carried out on Website?
  • What is Off Page Optimization?
  • Structured Data
  • Semantic Markup Language
  • Local SEO
Session 3.PPC Marketing
  • What is Pay Per Click Marketing?
  • Types of Online Advertising- Search, Display, YouTube, Shopping, Re-marketing
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Campaign Setup
  • Search: Quality Score, Ad Copies & Bid Management
  • What are the different Ad formats
  • Display Campaign Set up & Finding your target audience
  • YouTube Channel Creation
  • Video Campaign Creation in AdWords
  • YouTube Video Analytics
Session 4.Web Analytics
  • What is Digital Analytics?
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Understand how goals, segments and funnels are created and how they work
  • How important is Google Analytics to understand user behavior?
Session 5.Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Advantages
  • What is Facebook?
  • Engaging with fans on Facebook and growing organically
  • Advertising on Facebook - Creating and Running an Ad
  • Understanding important metrics to measure audience engagement
  • Ad Manager on Facebook
  • Why We Need Instagram? And how it is different from Facebook?
  • Understanding important metrics to measure audience engagement
  • Advertising on Instagram - Running Ads & Understanding Ad Formats
  • Snap Chat Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing and Ads
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Tools used in content marketing
Session 6.Email Marketing
  • What is email marketing?
  • How email works?
  • Types of email marketing- Opt-in & bulk emailing
  • Setting up email marketing account
  • Best platforms to do opt-in email marketing
  • What are auto responders?
  • Setting up auto responders
Session 7.Affiliate Marketing
  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • How It works?
  • Different ways to do affiliate marketing
  • Live examples of how people are making money as an affiliate
  • Getting your started as an affiliate
  • Some of the top affiliate network in the world
  • Tracking and Attribution Models
  • Establishing an Affiliate Network for your website
  • How to Sign Up Affiliates for your website
  • Setting up your own Affiliate Program
Session 8.Lead Generation for Business
  • Why lead generation is important for business?
  • Strategies to convert leads into users of your platform
  • Creating lead nurturing strategy
  • Understanding lead funnel Steps in leads nurturin
Session 9.Project Review
  • Revision off above sessions
Session 10.DecipherInbound Marketing with HubSpot
  • Introduction to Inbound Marketing
  • Building digital personas
  • Digital strategies
  • Building a lead nurturing campaign
  • Search and social retargeting
  • Lean content marketing for lead generation
  • Lead generation – quality, quantity and conversion
  • Metrics
Session 11.Reporting & Analysis
  • Integrate PPC account with Google Analytics
  • Understanding reports and define the future plan of action
Session 12.Testing
  • Multivariate Testing
  • A/B split Testing
Session 13.SEM Management (Other Opportunities)
  • Re-marketing
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Display & Video Formats
  • Track & measure views through conversions