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Bing Ads Training Institute Delhi

Bing Ads

In this course, we’ll take a “tour” of the top 9 paid ads networks. We’ll show you how to set up your Google AdWords PPC account and walk you through the fundamental of setting up online ad campaigns on the top 3 pay per click ad networks: Google AdWords, Facebook Ads Network and, Microsoft Ads Network (Yahoo ads / Bing ads)

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Course Description

Across the Internet, businesses are realizing the advantages of pay-per- click advertising. Bing Ads can help you reach a new group of high-quality clients and increment your return on advertising spend (ROAS). In addition, customers with Bing Ads campaigns often have lower costs-per- click (CPC) and costs-per acquisition (CPA) than with equal Google AdWords campaigns..

Understanding Bing Ads -

This course will provide you with a shortcut to making campaigns fast and getting hundreds of clicks. In particular you will learn:

  • Why Bing is the Best Starting Platform for your Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • How to create your 1 st  Bing campaign using my Simple Step-by- Step process
  • Learn how to avoid the 2 Biggest Mistakes that newbies make when starting on Bing (and avoid blowing your budget in 1 day)
  • The best FREE tool to create your keyword lists for your campaigns
  • The secret to getting Clicks for Under 10c
  • Create ads like the pros using my #1 Secret for Ad Creation

Session 1.Introduction
  • What is Bing Ads, and how does PPC work?
  • Introduction to campaigns, ad groups, and how to import from Google AdWords
  • PPC bidding, traffic estimation, and CPC strategy
  • Effective PPC copywriting and ad copy tips
  • Choosing keywords and how to do keyword research
  • Bing Ads policies
  • Ad extensions
  • Dynamic search ads and dynamic keyword insertion
  • Ad targeting with Bing Ads
  • Keyword match types
  • Campaign exclusions
  • Unified Device Targeting
  • Remarketing in paid search
  • Bing Shopping Campaigns & Product Ads
  • Bing Ads automated rules
Session 2.Campaign optimisation
  • Campaign Optimization for PPC Ads
  • Create a quality ad experience and find your ad
  • Click quality
  • Detailed ad reporting in Bing Ads reports
  • Bing Ads Intelligence Tool
  • Universal Event Tracking
Session 3.Bing Ads Editor
  • Bing Ads Editor account basics
  • Bing Ads Editor account management tips
  • Bing Ads Editor exporting and importing
  • Bing Ads Editor customization
  • Bing Ads Editor campaign optimization
  • Bing Ads budgeting and billing